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Attract The Best Talent.

With videos expertly created to help you stand out from your competitors and achieve your recruitment targets.

Why Use Video In Recruitment?

Advert Engagement


Social Shares


Staff Referrals


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Tell Your Employer Brand Story

Attract people who are inspired by your brand, mission and values - show your potential candidates what makes your workplace special and offer a transparent recruitment process

Showcase Your Culture

Easily differentiate between you and your competitors. Allow people to visualise working at your company and find potential employees who are a good cultural fit

Get More Applications

Video driven job adverts get 34% more applications and create an overall reduction in time to hire

How We Can Help


Job Vacancy



  • No subscriptions
  • 6 week duration
  • Use your mobile
  • Professional editing
  • Collaborate with colleagues
  • Easy-to-use social media and referral tools
  • Track views, shares and applications
  • ATS Integration
  • Fully hosted vacancy and company video landing pages
  • Download video

Employer Brand Video



  • On-site videographer
  • Professional set up 
  • Up to 5 interviews
  • Full workplace video
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What Our Clients Say

Rob Fawkes

Standing on Giants

The team are thrilled with the result and how well the videos captured our culture and what it's like working at Standing on Giants.

Amy France


Love it!  The video made it easy for me to connect with the people in the organisation.  I normally do lengthy LinkedIn research.

Alex Rorich


Great, it gives an opportunity to see the company on a personal level.  It also shows a commitment to truth and honesty on their side.

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